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Battle at the beaches Battle at the beaches

Impatient with official efforts immediately after the Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion, Gulf Coast managers took cleanup into their own hands. Read more

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Disaster blasters Disaster blasters

From Oct. 20 through Nov. 7, during one of California's driest years on record, a large swath of the state was engulfed in flames. As in all natural disasters, public works played a critical role. Employees were assigned to fire crews to designate evacuation routes and close roads. Before the last embers were extinguished, they were repairing roads, rebuilding bridges, and reinforcing the fragile landscape that can quickly turn a simple rainstorm into another disaster. Read more

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No Time for Café au Lait

New Orleans' recovery is a tale of two cities where repair and rebuilding sit side-by-side with demise and despair. At times it seems that improvements aren't happening fast enough, but city officials say that--considering the damage it suffered--the recovery is just where it should be. Read more

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Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers

In Katrian-ravaged Jefferson Parish, contractors and parish leaders are rushing to construct “safe rooms” at 20 pumping stations in the parish—a move that can protect both lives and property. Read more

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