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Manholes on the rise Manholes on the rise

A deceptively simple way of managing manholes facilitates maintenance year-round for public works agencies in a Midwestern city. Read more

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Reducing Risk Reducing Risk

Four years ago, King County, Wash., implemented a project-assessment system that's reducing unpleasant cost and timeline surprises on multimillion-dollar public works projects. Read more

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Mitigating a high-risk project Mitigating a high-risk project

Most people wouldn’t consider building a trail particularly risky. But like any project there are inherent challenges that, if not addressed, will slow construction and increase costs. Read more

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High-pressure wheel-washing High-pressure wheel-washing

Wheel-washing protects snow-and-ice control equipment and minimizes the spread of invasive plants. Read more

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Vehicle washing strategies Vehicle washing strategies

Is recycling vehicle washwater worth an extra $30,000? Read more

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