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Angus Stocking is a licensed land surveyor who has been writing about infrastructure since 2002. E-mail angusstocking@gmail.com.

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Can Your Agency Afford 'Smart' Snowplows? Can Your Agency Afford 'Smart' Snowplows?

It depends. Transportation agencies that applied passenger car technology to winter operations share their successes and failures. Read more

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Manholes on the rise Manholes on the rise

A deceptively simple way of managing manholes facilitates maintenance year-round for public works agencies in a Midwestern city. Read more

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Reducing Risk Reducing Risk

Four years ago, King County, Wash., implemented a project-assessment system that's reducing unpleasant cost and timeline surprises on multimillion-dollar public works projects. Read more

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Mitigating a high-risk project Mitigating a high-risk project

Most people wouldn’t consider building a trail particularly risky. But like any project there are inherent challenges that, if not addressed, will slow construction and increase costs. Read more

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High-pressure wheel-washing High-pressure wheel-washing

Wheel-washing protects snow-and-ice control equipment and minimizes the spread of invasive plants. Read more

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