Upgrades to Ashland, Ore.'s secondary waste-water treatment plant garnered a Municipal Water Protection Award from the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association. Photo: Fred Stockwell Photography

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association has presented its Municipal Water Protection Award to Ashland, Ore., for the city's contribution in the area of water pollution control and prevention as a result of its upgrading the existing secondary wastewater treatment plant and adding tertiary treatment. The city of Ashland made the adjustments at its facility to reduce the amount of phosphorus discharged into Ashland Creek at certain times of the year.

At the time of construction, Ashland's wastewater treatment plant was the only plant in North America using the process for phosphorus removal. “All the planning, design, and construction have led to the completion of a wastewater treatment plant that we all can be proud of,” said Terry Ellis, wastewater systems supervisor. “The end result is a plant that produces a very high quality effluent for direct discharge to Ashland Creek and may offer us many different opportunities in the future for water reuse.”