Author supports public suppliers

After exploring how the $60 billion/ year bottled water market affects a tiny Maine town that's the source for Poland Springs, Elizabeth Royte's Bottlemania: How water went on sale and why we bought it advocates protecting public sources and improving water infrastructure. Royte's last book was Garbage Land.

Gender equality affects signage

Atlanta publication Journal-Constitution says the city's public works department is replacing 50 “Men Working” signs with markers that say “Workers Ahead” and that the state DOT may soon follow suit. The (female) editor of Pink magazine and, supposedly, female employees of the department complained that the signs are right next to worksites where both women and men labor.

Seat belts still unpopular

At least in England, where two analyses—one by the federal government and another by risk-management consultants DriveCam Inc.—show that 65% of commercial motor vehicle drivers had at least one seat belt violation or don't buckle up. The riskiest drivers were least likely to buckle up.