Credit: ACPA for Shafer Contracting Co. Inc.

Cottage Grove, Minn.'s Highway 10/61 and Jamaica Avenue Roundabout Interchange project earned the city, project engineer, and contractors an ACPA Excellence in Concrete Pavement award.

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), Skokie, Ill., announced the winners of its 20th Annual Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards — recognizing the engineers, contractors, and project owners whose expertise have produced high-quality pavement for streets, roads, highways, and airports nationwide.

The program presents Gold and Silver awards to projects for quality, efficiency, smoothness, reduced costs, and for minimizing road-user delays. Gold winners include Boulder (Colo.) Public Works — Transportation Division (Municipal Streets and Intersections <30,000 category); Brown County, Wis. (Municipal Streets and Intersections >30,000); City of Cottage Grove, Minn. (Urban Arterials & Collectors); Colorado DOT (State Roads); Indiana DOT (Divided Highways — Urban); Iowa DOT (Divided Highways — Rural); Oklahoma DOT (Overlays); and Palo Alto County, Iowa. (County Roads).

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