Credit: Photo: Jenni Spinner

The two-day Lollapalooza festival attracted 65,000 music fans to Chicago's Grant Park last year; the city and other producers are expanding the 2006 event, bringing more attendees—and revenue—to the city.

After last year's Lollapalooza concert and arts festival proved successful, the Parkways Foundation arm of the Chicago Park District is bringing an expanded version of the event back to Grant Park this August.

Lollapalooza originated in the 1990s as a national touring concert and continued for a decade before petering out. Producers revived it and brought it to Chicago last summer as a one-time “destination” event; an estimated 65,000 fans from around the world flowed through the park for the two-day concert. For the 2006 event, Lollapalooza has been expanded to three days, will take up 60 acres of Grant Park, and is expected to attract as many as 225,000 concertgoers the weekend of Aug. 4–6.

The city of Chicago will be gaining more than tax revenue from the event; funds from Lollapalooza will go directly toward several specific park projects, including Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant playgrounds.

“The music fans in the park during Lollapalooza will help fund neighborhood park projects by their attendance,” said Laura Barnett, president of the Parkways Foundation. “Lollapalooza accelerates our ability to fund new playgrounds, youth programs, and greening initiatives throughout Chicago.”

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