Pavement management software

Pavement Management is a software tool that enables an agency to monitor and manage the condition of all the roads within its jurisdiction. It stores detailed information, including pavement type, location, lengthy and width, deterioration rates, maintenance treatments, and preventative maintenance schedules. Users can calculate the condition of a pavement, determine its remaining service life, and craft an effective maintenance strategy. It can be used on all types of roads, both high- and low-volume. Accela Inc.

Slipform paver

The GP-2600 is a mid-range paver designed to withstand rugged jobsite conditions. It includes an emission-controlled Tier 2 engine with an advanced cooling package. Its low profile gives the operator and crew optimal visibility, and the forward-mounted vibrator modules tilt in and out. Other features include telescoping frame, shroud lifts for easy service access, T-beam rail for mold positioning, easy-to-access ladder with three possible positions, and a range of safety-enhancing characteristics. Choose between two- and four-track configurations. Gomaco.

Root reinforcement matrix

The Enkamat II turf reinforcement matrix has a 95% open structure to create a capture zone for roadside plants and soil to interact, anchoring roots and stems and creating high shear resistance. The fiber blanket protects seeds and prevents sediment from migrating during storm events, retains moisture for germination, and reinforces plants as they mature. It consists of a nylon mat, which will not float during typical hydraulic conditions, and a degradable matrix blanket. No special equipment is required for installation. Colbond Inc.

Rear loader

The Delta-III rear loader has a rounded body, 3-cubic-yard hopper, and the ability to compact 800 pounds per cubic yard. The company's Floor-Trough technology strengthens the entire body while providing a natural liquid sump. The sides, front, and rear are reinforced with electrically welded box sections. The load is ejected with a simple, easy-to-maintain, double-acting cylinder. Body sizes ranging from 14 to 20 cubic yards are available. Leach Co.

Glare-free lighting

The Moonlight glare-free lighting system features a balloon that inflates in seconds; a simple plug maintains air pressure and protects the light. Eliminating the need for a fan prevents dirt and debris from blowing into the lighting unit, extending product life. The lights rise to a maximum height of 10 feet and come in three different outputs: 150 W, 400 W, and 1000 W. Each of the units lights areas up to 100 feet from the source. In addition, the balloon is made of water-resistant PVC, and the lighting system is stable in winds up to 55 mph. Multiquip Inc.

Pothole patcher

The FP5 flameless pothole patcher reduces waste, with an insulated, 5.1-cubic-yard hopper that is electrically heated to keep asphalt at a constant temperature. The product provides more consistent, safe heat than propane or heating oil. The unit keeps material pliable for extended periods. First, use the pavement breaker to remove material and square off the damaged area. The air-and-tack wand blows out remaining debris and applies the tack coating that binds new asphalt to the existing pavement. The material chute delivers fresh asphalt, then the compactor consolidates it. Available in truck- and trailer-mounted versions. Bergkamp Inc.

Chipping/compacting tool

The Slidehammer can be used to break up concrete or asphalt, including during road and pothole repairs. It features a manually operated, impact-generating handle and interchangeable points. The diamond point and narrow chisel are suitable for breaking concrete, the wide chisel is effective for pothole repair jobs, and the tamper is designed for compacting. The tool resists recoil and maintains a constant contact with the object being struck, applying force effectively. Callander Equipment Supplies Pty. Ltd.

Centrifugal trash pumps

Ultra V self-priming centrifugal trash pumps offer 300% increased pressure, 40% greater flow, and greater efficiencies than similar models. The easily removable, rotating assembly can be replaced without disturbing the pump casing, reducing downtime. A large back-cover plate permits easy access to the pump interior. Other feature includes a two-vane, semi-open ductile iron impeller; double-floating, self-aligning mechanical seal; external shimless adjustment system; and atmospheric isolation barrier for optimal bearing protection. The Gorman-Rupp Co.

Fiberglass utility body

The Stor ‘N Tow fiberglass utility body can be constructed with a steel or aluminum floor, heavy-duty towing bumper, steel or aluminum tailgate, and an aluminum-tube cab guard with expanded metal screen. The weatherproof, molded-fiberglass compartments are 24 inches high and can be customized according to your agency's needs. Flip tops with lift-out bins help keep equipment organized and readily accessible. Astoria Industries of Iowa Inc.

Modular green roof

The 4-inch GreenGrid modular green roof system is lightweight, making it suitable for buildings with limited structural capacity. Composed of 2.5 inches of soil media, it weighs 10 pounds per square foot-similar to the weight of gravel ballast found on conventional roofs. Planted with drought-resistant plants, it requires little or no irrigation, fertilization, or maintenance. As much as 4000 square feet can be installed per day, and the modules can be moved easily for roof repairs. GreenGrid, a Weston Solutions Inc. Co.