Ultrafiltration cartridge

The PMPW-10 ultrafiltration cartridge is an NSF-61-compliant, 10-inch-diameter, hollow fiber cartridge for potable water treatment. The product contains 60% more membrane area and provides 60% more product water than its 8-inch predecessor, resulting in cost savings. The greater output requires fewer skids; plant floor space requirements are reduced by up to 50%. For new plants, the smaller footprint produces dramatic reductions in building and installation costs. Existing plants can expand capacity without building expansion or new construction. Koch Membrane Systems Inc. www.pwmag.com/05jun1.

Three-membrane technology

The DeltaFlow 2.0 system combines three membrane separation technologies—reverse osmosis (RO), a GTM degasification unit, and electrodeionization(EDI)—in a space-efficient design. The updated product has a new GTM module with large, more efficient contactors; improved RO membranes; and enhanced EDI system. It is equipped for remote monitoring and transmission of operational parameters. In addition, the system can be configured as a self-contained system in weatherized housing, or as individual components for custom installation. Redundant critical components enhance reliability. Ionics Inc. www.pwmag.com/05jun2.

Reduced chemical usage

When used to supplement or replace chemical injection programs on a boiler system, Liqui-Cel membrane contactors offer lower operating costs and reduced chemical usage. The contactors remove the dissolved oxygen from water, reducing the volume of chemicals that need to be added. In addition, because chemical addition is reduced, operators will less frequently be required to flush out the water to remove non-volatile compounds. Also, boiler systems using the contactors are protected from corrosion. Membrana-Charlotte. www.pwmag.com/05jun3.

Wastewater screening

The Bandscreen Monster screens wastewater to remove problem solids and protect membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants. The inside-out flow pattern captures solids on the inside loop of the screen to prevent the bypass of solids. Also, the rotating perforated panels (with 2-mm openings) lift unwanted solids out of the channel to prevent clogging MBR systems. The product's stainless-steel and plastic construction helps ensure long, trouble-free equipment life. The integrated Screenings Washer Monster conditions discharged screenings through a unique process that flushes fecal material out and compacts material to lower disposal costs. JWC Environmental Inc. www.pwmag.com/05jun4.

Filtration systems

The Aria line of water-treatment systems uses hollow-fiber microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane technology to produce pure water from any source. They remove bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, iron, manganese, arsenic, and other solid particulate to deliver water that meets purity standards. The hollow-fiber membrane offers high flow per unit area, and a high recovery rate; these features can lower the cost of water treatment. The systems are available for standalone use or for integration with existing equipment. Pall Corp. www.pwmag.com/05jun5.

Pre-engineered membrane filtration

AXIM pressurized membrane filtration system2 and AXIA submerged membrane filtration systems are designed for small communities and industrial users. Each delivers the benefits of advanced filtration with low cost, quick delivery, easy installation, and fast startup. They are pre-engineered, factory-assembled, and pre-tested systems that deliver the operational features of advanced water treatment plants. Each is a completely functional, self-contained system, available in six sizes ranging from 25 to 200 gallons per minute. USFilter. www.pwmag.com/05jun6.

Fouling-resistant membranes

Customer Satisfaction Membranes are reverse osmosis products that resist fouling from hydrophobic matter, inorganic salts, organic matter, and inorganic colloids. The membranes' fouling-resistant property is a result of the surface's ability to maintain a neutral charge. In addition, the membranes offer lower surface roughness than similar products. Use of the membranes increases equipment lifespan, increases performance, and reduces the cost of pretreatment. The membranes have performed favorably in testing with ultrapure water manufacturing processes, zero-discharge systems, and boiler-feed water manufacturing processes. Saehan Industries Inc. www.pwmag.com/05jun7.

Coir check dam

The BioD-SiltCheck biodegradable coir check dam is constructed of 100% coir fiber. It consists of a coir wattle, with upstream and downstream aprons. The wattle component reduces the water and filters the sediment, whereas the aprons effectively prevent upstream and downstream undercutting while catching sediment. The 15-foot rolls come in three widths: 6 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches. RoLanka International Inc. www.pwmag.com/05jun8.

Submersible pumps

These submersible pumps are able to remain cool, even under harsh operating conditions. The motor chamber is oil-filled, which increases the transfer of heat away from the motor. Also, the oil-filled chamber is continuously cooled by an internal heat exchanger, effectively transferring heat through contact with the fluid. The cool-running property of the pumps extends their service life. The products are suitable for a range of water and sewage treatment applications. WILO EMU USA LLC. www.pwmag.com/05jun9.

Traffic management software

IQCENTRAL is a Windows-based program that allows traffic management personnel to manage National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) traffic control and intelligent transportation system equipment in one, centralized system. The user-friendly product connects all of an agency's equipment together, and it allows migration to NTCIP without having to replace hardware. It ships fully configured and set up on a server for an agency's specific transportation system, including arterial and intersection maps. It includes standard reports, forms, and easy management and control of traffic flow. Quixote Traffic Corp. www.pwmag.com/05jun 10.