Portable towers

LightSource portable light towers feature 6-kW generators, 30-foot tower extensions, and ability to run for up to 68 hours. The standard metal-halide floodlights provide optimal light distribution and coverage. The control panel includes individual lamp switches, key-switch ignition, and an optional low fuel level indicator. Ingersoll Rand. www.ingersollrand.com..

Pole cover

The vandal- and vibration-resistant U-Cover fits round poles and helps eliminate the risk of pedestrian electrocution. One person can install it without having to place his hands inside the pole. The durable product adapts to flanged or regular hole openings, and it can be reused. Angel-Guard Products Inc. www.angelguardproducts.com..

Septage-receiving controls

MonsterTrack monitors system use, controls receiving equipment, and records data. It includes a card reader, receipt printer, data recorder, and flash memory. To use, drivers connect, swipe a card, and start the flow; the product does the rest. It works with the company's Honey Monster automated sep-tage receiving system and increases its efficiency. JWC Environmental Inc. www.jwce.com..

Manhole ramp

The Manhole Safety Ramp is a reusable product made of durable, recycled rubber. To install, simply drop in place around raised utilities or manhole risers. They reduce the risk of damage to vehicles passing over, and they avoid labor and materials associated with cold patch asphalt. They are 2 inches thick and come with inside diameters from 10 to 31 inches. American Highway Products. www.ahp1.com..

Pavement sealers

Amguard S-250 is a coal tar emulsion-based sealer concentrate that dries to a jet-black finish. Low-odor Amguard Pro-blend is a polymerized blend of coal tar and asphalt resins. Amguard Fed-Spec is made with RT-12 refined coal tar. Bonsal American. www.bonsalamerican.com..

Compact trommel

The 512 REGT track-mounted trommel is a portable model with a 5x12-foot drum, radial stacker, end conveyor, and grid. The machine has a smaller footprint than the previous model, with the key components either the same size or larger-the feed and radial conveyors both have 36-inch belts, and the conveyor is 42 inches wide. An optional tipping grid is available. McCloskey International Ltd. www.mccloskeyinternational.com..

Hand-fed chippers

007XP drum-style chippers now feature increased infeed capacities and larger throat openings. Each unit has a 37-inch drum; the size enables the chippers to run more smoothly and create less vibration, with reduced fuel consumption, compared to smaller-drum chippers. Bandit Industries Inc. www.banditchippers.com..