Compact fluorescent light

The Vanguard-E CFL fixture comes in surface-, wall-, and pendant-mount configurations. The unit is fully gasketted and can be used safely in wet environments. Each unit features a textured, aluminum powder-coat finish, and the clear glass cylinder is protected by die-cast guards. Options include downlight and angled reflectors, and a stainless-steel wire guard. Luraline.

Automatic plant irrigation

The company offers light poles with a built-in drip irrigation system, which enables you to automatically water attached plant or flower baskets. The pole and twin planter arms use irrigation tubing to eliminate the need for personnel to risk injury by climbing a ladder or using a cherry picker to reach the high-up baskets. Sternberg Lighting.

Storm separator

Bay Separator has been updated to remove 80% or more of total suspended solids from runoff, including flows from heavy events producing in excess of 100 cubic feet per second. Use the company's Web-based sizing program, Auto-Cad's Detail Generator module, or assistance from the company's engineers to find and customize a system appropriate for your needs. BaySaver Technologies Inc.

Featuring: Lighting equipmentCut-off area light

The Scilux is designed to be mounted on poles as tall as 40 feet. The one- to four-fixture configurations deliver precise illumination and safety. Each fixture is constructed of cast aluminum, with a polyester powder-coat finish in one of five colors. Choose from two sizes: a large, 200- to 400-W model, and the 70- to 175-W Scilux-M version. U.S. Architectural Lighting.

Utility lighting

The company offers a wide range of steel and aluminum lighting poles and components. Choose from standard or custom poles, bracket arms, and other items. The items are suitable for street, area, or sport lighting applications. Decorative products are available. Valmont Structures.

Temporary light

The LT light tower comes with a dual electric winch that lets you quickly and easily raise and lower the mast. It uses elliptical fixtures to produce brighter illumination; horizontally mounted lamps directly illuminate the area, as opposed to relying on reflected light as traditional fixtures do. The trailer-mounted tower is easy to transport and use. Wacker Corp.

Architectural fixtures

Diretto cast-aluminum fixtures come in four mounting configurations: post-top adaptor, wall-mounted arm, single pole-mount arm, and twin pole-mount arms. Each comes standard with a horizontal reflector and tempered-glass lens. Choose from compact fluorescent, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium light sources. Options include low-brightness lens and house side shield. Architectural Area Lighting.

Antique-style luminaire

The Madeira evokes 19th century Spanish architecture, so it fits in well with long-standing buildings or throw-back decor. Features include a durable borosilicate glass reflector/refractor, easy-to-maintain ballast tray, and decorative trim. A wide variety of lamps—including high-pressure sodium, metal halide, induction, and incandescent—are offered. Holophane.

Energy-conserving lighting system

The Light-Structure Green system is suitable for sports and other lighting applications. The luminaires's optimized photometric efficiency means fewer fixtures are required to achieve a desired light level with reduced energy costs. Also, the product uses a “smart” system of timed power adjustments to increase lamp life and operating efficiency. Musco Lighting.

Decorative bollards

BL Series bollards come in round or square styles, in durable extruded-aluminum housings. The removable upper section makes it easy to replace the lamps inside. A heavy-duty aluminum base plate mounts to the ground with anchor bolts and leveling nuts. Choose from high-pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures. Simkar Lighting Corp.