Pest blocker

CopperBlocker is a soft mesh cloth constructed of pure copper, packed into openings in gardens and around landscaping to keep out insects, slugs, rodents, bats, and birds. It can be placed in holes and cracks up to 2 in. in diameter. It will not rust, is highly malleable, and holds its shape better than steel wool. It comes in rolls 100 ft. long and 5 in. wide. Nixalite.

Pole hedge trimmer

The TPH-260PF has a 130-degree articulating angle, making it ideal for trimming tall edges or clearing tough ground cover. It is powered by a 25-cc, 1.3-hp engine, with a 23-oz. fuel tank. Its two 22-in., double-sided reciprocating blades can cut through branches ¾-in. thick. Other features include a padded D handle and solid-steel drive shaft. Nikko Tanaka Engineering USA Ltd.

Robotic total stations

The SPS710 and SPS610 total stations let you perform all kinds of jobsite layout and measurement tasks. An easy-to-follow interface shortens the learning curve and speeds operation. Both units withstand tough usage conditions, minimizing down-time from repairs. The total stations can be operated easily and quickly by one person, helping reduce layout time and operating costs. Trimble.

Mobile generators

The 420GN has a 4-hp engine that provides 2000 W running and 3000 W surge. The 1.4-gal. fuel tank delivers up to five hours running time at half load. The 1055GN, which has a 14.5 gross torque engine, delivers 5500 W running and 6875 surge. Its fuel tank holds 7 gal. of fuel for 13 hours of half-load running time. Husqvarna.

Lightweight drill

The BE4006 lightweight drill offers a no-load speed of 3950 rpm and is suitable for drilling small diameter pilot holes in wood or metals. The drill has a ¼-in. capacity in mild steel and a ½-in. capacity in soft wood. Its design directs the airflow and any debris resulting from tool use away from the user. Metabo.

Durable levels

Handcrafted wooden levels are accurate within 0.015 in. in the length of the level. They come in three- and five-piece models, in sizes from 8 to 50 in. Crick Tool.

Tool-guarding lubricant

Air Tool Lube lubricates and protects piston-type and rotary air tools, including rolls, chippers, polishers, most non-impact pneumatic tools, hammers, grinders, air motors, and buffers. It combines anti-wear agents and extra-high film strength to protect tools from high speeds and shock loads. Anti-foaming and detergent additives clean internal components. The formula also rust-proofs, removes moisture, and prolongs tool life. Blaster Corp.

Jaw crusher

The XR400 features a hydraulic release jaw crusher that senses overload, protecting the machine against damage due to oversized material. The conveyor can be lowered at the touch of a button to clear blockages without needing to handle the material. Its design provides easy access under the crusher and power pack. The unit is also easy on fuel and hydraulic oil consumption. Terex Pegson.