High-visibility fall protection

The Traffic Vest Harness is designed to keep workers safe on jobsites where either falls or visibility are of concern. The product is constructed of FP700/#D nylon and is configured in a vest style for maximum comfort. The lightweight mesh traffic keeps workers safe even in low-light conditions. North Safety Products. www.northsafety.com..

Dry-priming pumps

Enviroprime is a priming system that prevents blowby of sewage, debris, and chemicals from discharging onto the ground. It uses an air compressor to separate air from water moving through the company's pumps, which prevents clogging and shutdowns. With air escaping separately, fluid can continue through the pump without any unwanted discharge. It can pump liquids containing solids as large as 3 in. in diameter. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing. www.thompsonpump.com..

Horizontal grinder

Designed for recycling wood and green waste, the Model 3800 grinder has a large infeed-measuring 38×59¾ in.—for optimal material flow into the mill chamber. The machine's step-frame design provides sufficient space under and in the mill area for processed material to freely exit the grinding chamber. Other features include an internal hydraulic drive on the feed wheel, six-tooth sprochet on the bed chain, three-section screen, and a two-sided anvil. Morbark Inc. www.morbark.com..

Outdoor drum storage

Ultra-HardTop Plus storage compartments come in models that hold from eight to 20 drums outdoors safely. Extender kits are available to further expand capacity. Each of the products is made of polyethylene for a high degree of chemical and corrosion resistance. The product meets all EPA and NPDES requirements. UltraTech International Inc. www.spillcontainment.com..

Crab grapple attachment

This attachment is designed to work with front-loader containers of all sizes and profiles. Grapple-truck operators can switch from a standard trash grapple bucket to this attachment in only 20 minutes. The feature enables operators to carry multiple containers at once within the body of a standard grapple truck. Also, the attachment is operated with normal grab and rotate controls—no special controls are required. Petersen Industries Inc. www.petersenind.com..

Blueprint hanger

The Blueprint Hanger Clamp holds large, important documents safely in place on jobsites and in the office. The single-point suspension lets jobs be filed or removed with one hand. In addition, the product enables site managers to keep documents visible, but up and away from dirt and debris so that they stay clean. Jalema Inc. www.jalema.com..

Work zone alarm

The SonoBlaster is an impact-activated device that warns road crews and drivers to prevent work-zone injuries. It can be mounted easily onto barricades, cones, drums, delineators, and other barriers. When activated, the carbon dioxide-powered horn blasts at 125 decibels for 15 seconds. The product and the replacement carbon dioxide are affordable and effective. Transpo Industries Inc. www.transpo.com..

Valve exercise

The Spin Doctor valve and vacuum system helps you ensure valves are properly mapped and in good working order. It offers a reach of up to 13 ft., 270-degree range of motion, and light balance. The product makes valve exercising easy, and it offers a high degree of affordability. Hurco Technologies Inc. www.gethurco.com..