Zero-turn-radius mowers

The Z Master Z593-D zero-turn riding mowers feature liquid-cooled, 23-hp diesel engines. The 52- and 60-inch machines can handle rough conditions and tough terrain with a high level of fuel efficiency. An adjustable baffle lets the operator adjust the deck to handle long, dense grass or wet conditions. Also, a foldable roll-over protection feature protects the driver during operation but can be folded down for storage. Toro Co.

Small-footprint mower

The Black Bear ZTR Pro Series line of mowers includes a 34-inch cut-width model, designed to maneuver in tight spaces (a 44-inch model also is available). Choose between a 16-hp twin-cylinder engine and an 18-hp single-cylinder engine. The oversized tires deliver favorable handling, comfortable ride, and reduced soil compaction. Options include a two-bag grass catcher, mulch kit, roll-over protection, and snow blade. Dixon Industries.

Roadside weed control

The WeedSeeker weed control system is suitable for use around roads, shoulders, streets, and parking lots. The truck-mounted product uses advanced optics and circuitry to sense the presence of a weed, then signals a spray nozzle to deliver a precise amount of herbicide to only that weed. The practice reduces herbicide use by up to 90%, cuts chemical costs, eliminates the need for manual spot spraying, and is environmentally friendly. NTech Industries Inc.

Recycling receptacles

These recycling receptacles consist of durable, powder-coated black tops and stainless-steel bodies. The tops can be customized for specific use, and the bodies are rustproof, weatherproof, and include leak-proof rigid plastic liners; leg levelers enable placement on uneven surfaces. Options include recycling decals, stainless-steel tops, and anchoring kits. United Receptacle.

High-visibility speed cushion

The Traficop speed cushion helps safely reduce vehicle speeds, helping prevent accidents and manage traffic. Each unit is made of long-wearing recycled rubber, and fuel- and weather-resistant polyurethane; the product is more durable than the road itself. The modular design and unique anchoring system enables the product to be installed in as little as 45 minutes. Safer Roads LLC.

Skidsteer snow plow

Ultra snow plows are suitable for mounting on skidsteers from 4000 to 10,000 pounds. It has a trip cutting edge, tightly rolled moldboard, and it angles a full 32.5 degrees for optimal efficiency. The product offers heavy-duty construction, including sturdy welds, powder-coated paint, and nitro steel cylinders. SnowWolf.

Playground climbers

The Spacenet Octa Net 4142 has four wing-like extensions, each supported by an independent post. The Tetra-headron 2450 structure is appropriate for children 2 to 5 years old. Both of the 3-D climbing structures are made of tight-woven polyamide nylon, inductively fused to inner steel strands for durability and safety. The cables are virtually maintenance-free, ultraviolet stable, and resistant to vandalism. Landscape Structures.

Turbine agitator

The GT turbine agitator has an efficient double-reduction gear drive for a high level of mixing power with minimized energy consumption. The coated, cast-iron housing offers optimal corrosion resistance in indoor or outdoor applications. Other features include shaft speeds from 11 to 155 rpm, long bearing life, shaft diameters from 1½ to 3½ inches, high-efficiency impellers, and a swing-out design for easy access to the mechanical seal. Chemineer Inc.