Agencies looking to acquire or unload surplus fill dirt, sand, construction debris, or other material can turn to the service for help. Photo: Jenni Spinner

Dirt is expensive—just ask the public works manager who needs to dig into his budget for fill or topsoil. Stockpiled dirt can be a problem too; a big mound of soil leftover from an excavation is an eyesore and could constitute an environmental code violation.

A new Web site seeks to combat both problems. At, city managers can post ads calling for someone to take surplus fill dirt, sand, gravel, recycled concrete, and asphalt off their hands, or post a call for needed material.

“It could save cities a lot of money,” says owner Mark Farmer. “If your city's tearing up concrete, it could help someone who needs a lot of riprap for a project.”

There is no charge for municipalities to use the service; contractors and other commercial entities must pay a user fee. The site currently serves several states in the western and southwestern part of the country but could expand further.