Pavement sensor

Surface Patrol is a mobile device that measures pavement temperature with a non-contact infrared sensor. The product helps agencies make more effective, efficient use of sand, salt, and other winter-fighting materials. Air temperature readings display on a dash-mounted digital meter. Users can view data from multiple locations along a route. Quixote Transportation Technologies Inc., Booth 2110.

Patching machine

DuraMaxx is a truck-mounted pothole patcher with cab-mounted controls, making the unit safe and easy to use. It includes a 7-cu.-yd. aggregate hopper box, high-volume blower, and heated emulsion tank. The operator uses a joystick to position a boom to repair the affected area; when not in use, the boom folds flush with the front bumper, so as not to obstruct the operator's view. The resulting patch is permanent, waterproof, and immediately ready for traffic. Cimline Inc., Booth 1521.

Mobile lift

The ST 1082-F/BAT column lift is flexible—the columns are easily set up in any configuration around a vehicle, indoors or outside. Each column has two long-life 24-V batteries and a charger, and each can work for more than 15 cycles before needing a recharge. Maximum lift height is 69 inches. Operators can set up configurations with as few as two and as many as 28 columns. Stertil Koni USA Inc., Booth 1506.

Variable message sign

The Advantage 4260 trailer can display messages in a range of fonts and sizes, ranging from 2 LEDs per pixel to 8 LEDs per pixel. Text can be configured in one or multiple lines. Options include remote communication and global positioning system satellite-map location. American Signal Co., Booth 3024.

Grinder pumps

The E/One Extreme line of positive-displacement grinder pumps provides a greater total dynamic head than similar products—185 feet. Choose from a variety of prepackaged versions: wetwell/drywell, wetwell, indoor, and Gatorgrinder. The grinder pump station collects wastewater, grinds solids, then moves the effluent through small-diameter (1¼ to 4 inches) pipe. Environment One Corp., Booth 1107.

Fleet management

This tracking system lets fleet managers keep tabs on their vehicles with either cellular- or vehicle-based sensors. The easy-to-understand mapping function shows the location of vehicles and drivers, authorized fueling and repair sites, clients, and offices. Printable data reports include vehicle stops, average speed, mileage, idle time, and job costing. Fleet One, Booth 702.

Manhole lifter

This magnetic lifter ergonomically raises manholes weighing as much as 400 pounds, reducing the risk of back strain and resulting worker's compensation claims. The product is easy to operate. A positive safety lock on the on/off switch keeps the magnets on, so the manhole stays in place. The lightweight folding hoist makes it easy to store. Magswitch Technology Inc., Booth 609.

Crack sealer

EZ-7 is a cold-applying, non-sagging crack sealant. The high-viscosity product is easy to pump and safe to apply, saving money and time associated with melting rubberized asphalt. The product works well on deep and/or wide cracks in pavement. EZ Seal LLC, Booth 3004.

Sewer maintenance services

The company offers a wide range of services to sewer managers looking to assess and improve the health of their systems. The roster includes no-dig, cured-in-place pipe spot repair, a process designed to restore pipes with partial structural deterioration, corrosion, settling, misalignment, and cracking. The lining consists of an epoxy-based, impregnated polyurethane-coated felt tubing, installed by trained technicians. Carylon Corp., Booth 1211.

Mobile concrete mixer

The Zim-Mixer 400N volumetrically proportions concrete ingredients via a chain feed and adjustable gate. The product comes in models with capacities ranging from 4 to 11 cu. yds. Standard features include a hydraulic lift and power swing. Available options include fiber feeder, removable trailer hitch, and hydraulic telescoping chutes. Zimmerman Industries, Booth 3029.

High-intensity spotlight

The Profiler II is a military-style searchlight powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack. The unit produces a powerful beam with an aluminum reflector and high-impact polycarbonate lens. Other features include a carbon-fiber-reinforced housing, and a swivel handle that easily switches from lantern to pistol grip. Golight Inc., Booth 1901.