Compact sweepers

The 525 and 636 Green Machine mini sweepers offer a small size and high degree of maneuverability, letting operators work around parked cars, in garages, on walkways, and in other tight areas. Features include a fuel-efficient diesel engine and climate-controlled enclosed cab. Applied Sweepers Inc., Booth 1210.

Manhole riser

The Infra-Riser multipurpose rubber composite adjustment riser permits easy adjustment of cast-iron frame and lid components of a manhole structure to meet the surrounding pavement surface. The product reduces infiltration, prolongs structure life, reduces damage from traffic vibration, and protects against load-concentration stress. The product is lightweight, easy to install, and environmentally friendly. East Jordan Iron Works Inc., Booth 2521.

Dry-priming pump

The 4-inch 4JSCM dry-priming pump is a high-efficiency unit suitable for bypass and dewatering. It offers power, light weight, and compact size. The unit handles solids up to 3 inches and offers a flow capacity of 1450 gallons per minute. In addition, it has a shutoff head of 130 feet. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing, Booth 3213.

Hydraulic plow wing

The H200 plow wing can be installed on a variety of wheel loaders, with front or rear wing attachments. The wing offers a low-profile front post for optimal visibility. The company's Full-Trip hinge and wing arm kit are available, as are a range of front-loader arm attachments and plows. Viking-Cives Group, Booth 1344.

Collision-reducing camera

The Wedge Camera night-vision camera eliminates blind spots on any vehicle. The housing is constructed of durable aluminum and allows multiple mounting options. It can be rotated 360 degrees, aimed straight with the face plate, or on a 10-degree angle. The camera itself is waterproof and durable. Pro-Vision Video Systems, Booth 906.

Strain-reducing tool grip

The BackSaver grip increases the ergonomic performance of long-handled tools by allowing the user to hold the tool higher. This eliminates the bending that causes harmful lower back strain. The detachable grip fits any shovel, rake, broom, or other similar tool. On overhead tools, such as tree trimmers, the device improves stability and control, and eases stress on the forearm, wrist, and shoulder. MBS Inc., Booth 2641.

Outrigger pads

AlturnaMats protect the ground from the impact of equipment weighing up to 60 tons. The mats are made of ½-inch polyethylene and come in standard sizes up to 2 square feet (specialty sizes up to 4 square feet can be ordered). The mats can be used on dirt ground, asphalt, concrete, or paver surfaces to eliminate ruts or pavement damage. AlturnaMats, Booth 2342.

Sewer inspection station

The K2 portable base station can be mounted in a wide range of vehicles or used as a stand-alone sewer inspection system. The compact unit comes with a handheld control that operates all of the company's transporters and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. The station includes built-in diagnostics for the entire system. Also, an automatic cable reel minimizes cable drag to maximize pull distance. Options include a collapsible handle, which maximizes portability. CUES, Booth 913.

Under-hood compressor

This compressor works under the hood of a truck, freeing space that can be used for other equipment. The design saves trips and fuel from having to cart additional gear back and forth. Models provide air output of up to 70 or 150 cubic feet per minute at 175 psi. VMAC, Booth 1201.

Water-filled barricade

The 2001SL slim barricade is a low-density, polyethylene unit that is 18 inches tall, 6 feet long, and 1 foot wide. It can be set up empty, or filled with water or sand. Flanges extend 4 inches on each side for tie-down, if needed. The product is impact-resistant and approved for use on highways. Yodock Wall Co., Booth 1447.

Inlet protection

Ultra-CurbGuard Plus protects curb inlets from sediment-heavy stormwater runoff. The product's modular design allows 3-foot units to be connected quickly and easily to form the required length. The wedge-shaped, heavy-duty foam secures the unit inside the inlet. The woven polypropylene material provides a high flow rate and will not cause ponding or flooding. Helps meet NPDES requirements. UltraTech International Inc., Booth 1800.