Software for project management

Unifier provides control and visibility of programs, projects, resources, and assets. The platform centralizes various management capabilities and makes them available to authorized personnel through a standard Web browser. The product offers robust cost-management and project control. Skire Inc., Booth 2345.

Mobile office

The Ultimate Field Office combines roomy drawers, storage compartments, and power outlets in a unit that replaces the rear seat in extended- and crew-cab pickups. The product attaches to the floor and solves common storage problems, while securing valuable computer equipment, data, and tools from thieves. MobileDUZ LLP, Booth 3401.

Pet-waste station

The Dogipot aluminum station consists of a bag dispenser, receptacle, telescoping post, and sign. The product helps keep parks, rights of way, and neighborhoods free of unsightly pet waste, which can contaminate groundwater. Encouraging citizens to clean up after their pets means less time your personnel have to spend doing the job. Dogipot, Booth 1707.

Radar speed signs

These systems consist of a series of lenses that magnify the light of each LED; this allows the lights to operate at 30% power with optimal luminance. A feature directs light toward oncoming vehicles while dimming the sign to other lanes, avoiding distraction. The optics refract sun rays to provide intense, visible light, even in bright sun. The advanced model offers variable messages in addition to speed. Traffic Logix, Booth 1845.

Salt storage

The Hi-Arch Gambrel building offers 30 feet of interior clearance—sufficient room for tractor-trailers to dump, mix, and load salt and other materials. The reinforced walls keep material dry, preventing runoff and loss, and withstand loader impact. Optional lean-tos let you store supplies, protect equipment, and create toolsheds and offices for personnel. The structure can be expanded to meet future needs. Advanced Storage Technology, Booth 2621.

Molded plastic containers

Momentum front- and rear-load containers are rotationally molded units that are lighter than steel and resistant to rust and corrosion. The front-load versions come in capacities from 2 to 8 cu. yds., with flat or slanted tops. The rear-load containers offer 2-cu.-yd. capacity. All units have powder-coated steel reinforcement at key areas, and extra support in corners and sides for added durability. Otto Environmental Systems North America, Booth 3038.

Industrial weed control

WeedSeeker uses advanced optics and computer circuitry to sense the presence of weeds. When a weed enters the field of view, the system signals a nozzle to spray a precise amount of herbicide only to that weed; as a result, herbicide use is reduced up to 90%. The system retrofits to a vehicle to control weeds in and around curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pavers, and other areas. NTech Industries Inc., Booth 3022.

Dump trailer

The R.M.V. dump trailer features a hopper that tilts back a full 45 degrees. The design feature makes it easier to dispense asphalt, reducing labor and increasing production efficiency. Spaulding Manufacturing Inc., Booth 2235.

Document management

Laserfiche Web Access is a browser-based product that lets you roll out access across your operation without increasing your software or support burden. Authorized users can have simultaneous access to documents, either from your Intranet or from a remote office. Staff can search, retrieve, create, move, and modify documents. The process saves shipping, copying, and retrieval time. Laserfiche, Booth 2413.

Flexible concrete forms

XtraFlex radius forms can be shaped to a radius as tight as 6 inches for walkways, curbs, and other pavement. The HDPE construction is durable, easy to use, and will not absorb water, rot, or splinter. The steel stake pocket has quick-grip locking knobs—no nailing is required. The positive end connections eliminate labor-intensive splicing. Metal Forms Corp., Booth 3102.

Dust-minimizing sweeper

The high-volume fan on the VCS sweeper pulls air from the sweeping chamber, filtering dust as small as 10 microns. It attaches to telehandlers and compact wheel loaders. Four casters and parallel linkage suspension allow the unit to follow ground contours independently of the loader. A floating brush stays in contact with the ground while throwing debris into the hopper. Models of 7 to 9 feet wide are available. Paladin Light Construction, Booth 3034.