Chemical-resistant tank liner

Hi-Chem 65D-PW features a formulation compliant with the NSF/ANSI 61 potable water standard. The material provides excellent stability for immersion applications, and in installations where high levels of chemical resistance are required. The liner protects against the effects of brine, acids, solvents, condensates, lye, peroxides, and other harsh substances. Rhino Linings USA.

GPS-based vehicle tracking

AccuTag GP automatically displays vehicle location, displays vehicle route history, and can track location of violations for speeding, idling, hard accelerating/braking, and other parameters. The technology helps eliminate fraudulent vehicle use, cut fuel costs, improve productivity, and reduce vehicle wear. Williams-Pyro Inc.

Capital-improvement software

CIPAccess provides even small agencies with a comprehensive capital program management solution, on a real-time basis across the entire organization. Built upon Microsoft Access database software, the program unifies capital project and fund information for an entire capital program on a continuous basis. It includes historical plan, project history, fund-allocation analyses, and project implementation information. CIPPlanner Corp.

Wireless portable lift

The WPLS-160 has a self-contained power source, which eliminates expensive up-front power installation costs. To recharge, simply plug into any 110 V outlet. Each column on the lift has a control console capable of operating the entire system; digital wireless technology enables communication between the lifting units. The system can lift trucks, buses, and other vehicles up to 67 in. high. Options include heavy-duty transmission jack and height adapter. Gray Mfg. Co. Inc.

Truck-mounted sewer cleaner

The SJ-1650 sewer jet has a single-engine drive for decreased fuel consumption, maintenance costs, sound levels, and unit price. A rear-mounted hose reel articulates 110 degrees and pivots 180 degrees, making it easy to place the unit regardless of the manhole's location. The water tanks are constructed of 3/8-in., UV-stabilized polyethylene, with a total capacity of 1650 gal. The reciprocating water pump offers continuous flows of 0 to 80 gpm, and 0 to 2000 psi. Hi-Vac Corp.

Work management software

Web Portal gives access to users who only need to view, rather than change, system information. The Dashboard utility—which shows relevant records, reports, or statistics through a standard Web browser—pulls live data from the Master Series program to give the user a snapshot of what's going on in an agency. Everyone in a group can configure their own views, or administrators can create templates for multiple users. GBA Master Series Inc.

Truck bed cover

The HercuLoc is a secure, easy-to-open bed cover with internal rotary slam latches that lock each corner. Either or both sides can be opened at once-to close, simply pull down. The vehicle can be driven at up to 75 mph with the cover open. Thacker Manufacturing Inc.

Flagger training

The company offers online training for crews directing traffic around construction sites. The service follows the American Traffic Safety Services Association's curriculum and guidelines, complying with state-specific requirements and regulations. It enables each student to take the class and exam at a convenient time, and the training is more affordable than most physical, scheduled classes. Professional Traffic Graphics Inc.

In-pavement warning lights

These in-roadway warning lights, featuring sturdy LEDs, sit flush with the pavement to improve visibility and safety for pedestrians at crosswalks, in school zones, and inside parking garages and lots. The low-voltage, bright LED lights work on solar or standard power. A self-cleaning lens prevents debris buildup. Traffic Safety Corp.

Manhole insert

This guard, made of durable rotary-molded plastic, is placed into an open manhole to permit access while visually alerting people around a worksite. The standard bright orange color is highly visible; other colors may be ordered. The guard is tough, lightweight, and increases worker and pedestrian safety. Southern Sewer Equipment Sales.