U-TECK, a manufacturer of products for state DOTs, municipalities, and the telephone and electrical industries, shares tips on how to improve workplace conditions and reduce injuries:

  • Use ergonomic equipment: Using equipment designed to work with the human body's movements can reduce worker fatigue, on-the-job injuries, and strain.
  • Recognize the dangers of confined spaces: Manholes can contain hidden atmospheric dangers such as combustible gases. Always use the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's “test, purge, and ventilate” routine to ensure safety.
  • Maintain visibility: High-visibility clothing, accessories, and equipment can prevent onsite accidents. Bright yellow or orange reflective clothing and gear are optimal.
  • Take caution with ladders: Approximately 65,000 workers are injured in ladder-related accidents every year. Inspect all ladders for broken rungs, missing bolts, and broken parts before use. Make sure the ladder is on level ground, and hold both sides when descending and ascending.
  • Beat the heat: Preventive measures are key in the summer. Proper hydration and light clothing keep workers cool, as well as heavy-duty work tents and umbrellas.

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