In each of the last four Novembers, we've asked our faithful readers to (anonymously) share budget projections for the coming year. (To participate, click here).

We crunch those numbers to develop the only analysis of infrastructure investment based on feedback from the public servants to whom we've entrusted these assets. Your responses form the foundation of our sector-by-sector coverage of regulatory and other upcoming challenges for the year.

This time last year, many public works departments were just beginning to feel the pinch of diminished economic growth, and our theme for the coming year - based on your suggestions -- was "holdin' the line in '09."

The pinch became a punch when residential construction and consumer spending ceased virtually simultaneously and local revenues plummeted accordingly. One-third of the $787-billion stimulus package is for government infrastructure. We all know that's not nearly enough to meet repair-and-replacement needs, much less new infrastructure, but is it enough to move projects forward that had been shelved?

Are we breaking even or has the stimulus package pushed us into the black?

That's where you come in. Everyone who completes the survey is eligible for one of 10 (randomly selected) $25 American Express gift certificates -- and who couldn't use a little something extra as we head into the holidays?

The questionnaire's not hard to fill out, but if you get called away while responding you can save your work and finish it later. Click here to get started.

As always, feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Click here.

Thank you!