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Fleet Management

TMC guidelines supplement Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) regulations. See Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart I - Protection Against Shifting and Falling Cargo, Sections 393.100 through 393.136.

Cargo Securement FLATBEDS training DVD by J. J. Keller & Associates includes best practices and how-to information for proper and safe securement of cargo.

Administration & Mnagement
How the Canadian city of Vancouver prepared for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

London 2012: A look at the summer Olympic games from several different design and building aspects

From Architectural Lighting, June 2012, with expanded web content:
London's legacy: In lighting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, designers balance the needs for a high-profile identity today and a character that's appropriate for the years ahead.

From Architect Magazine, Jan. 2012:
An Olympic feat:Three new stadiums for London's 2012 Games combine structure innovation with sustainability to ensure a positive legacy long after the torch moves on.

From Pool & Spa News, May 2012:
London calling: The London Aquatics Centre was built for the Olympic Games this summer, but designed to stand the test of time.

Additional coverage:

Read Arch Daily's three-part series: “How (not) to host the Olympics” Part I / Part II / Part III

Did London succeed in making the 2012 Olympics truly sustainable? The Atlantic Cities contributing writer Amy Southerland seems to think so. Read her articles: “Olympic dreams: raising the bar on sustainability” and “Green from top to bottom, today and tomorrow.”

London is not the first city with goals to “green” the Olympics. Read “What Vancouver gained by hosting the Olympics,” and “3 lessons every Olympic city should take to heart,” by The Atlantic Cities blogger Brent Toderian, president of TODERIAN UrbanWORKS, a Vancouver-based city planning and urbanism consultancy, and a global consultant, writer, teacher and speaker. He was past director of city planning for Vancouver (2006-2012), and is founding president of the Council for Canadian Urbanism.

To read full municipal, provincial, and federal financial reports and learn more about the economic impact of the 2010 Olympic Games on British Columbia and Canada, go to the B.C. Ministry of Finance Olympics page.

Water distribution
A computerized distribution system lets farmers control from their computer, smartphone, or iPad how much water they use and when.

An aerial view of the district's entire pressurized pipe system, which both district employees and farmers can access.

The airline-style ordering system farmers use to schedule water deliveries.

Graphs of an individual farmer's watering activity, historical data.

A weather screen provides local weather information and alerts.