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Masters of integration

Don't fear the audit

History made in a historical city

Top dogs

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Top AEC firms
Masters of integration
Preparing for life after build-out, a combined water/wastewater utility maximizes supply by piggy-backing on airport expansion.

Chandler, Ariz.'s Municipal Utilities Department does an excellent job of outlining, in plain English and with easy-to-understand graphics, plans for accommodating future water, wastewater, and reclaimed water needs in a September 2008 update to its master plan.

Chandler, Ariz., wants to extend one of its two airport runways so the same size and type of aircraft that uses the airport in cooler months can use the airport all year round. The first master plan came in 1998, followed by updates in 2006 and 2007.

Top AEC firms
Don't fear the audit
A small town uses Washington's focus on sustainability to access almost half a million in stimulus funding.

With the help of AEC firm Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers Inc., Jackson, Wyo., identified more than 26 energy-saving measures to upgrade public facilities and streetlights. The town received $451,000 in Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants to implement most of the measures:

Public Works ? new shop

  • Replace two old gas furnaces serving offices
  • Add large low-speed ceiling fans to maintenance shop area
  • Replace old windows and reseal doors
  • Replace parking-lot lighting
  • Replace incandescent lighting in storage bays
  • Add lighting occupancy controls in offices
  • Public Works ? old shop

  • Retrofit T-12 lighting with T-8 lighting
  • Wrap existing water heaters with insulation.
  • Replace old gas-fired unit heaters with new more efficient unit heaters
  • Replace uninsulated garage doors with insulated garage doors
  • Add large low-speed ceiling fans to maintenance shop area
  • Town Hall

  • Replace old air-handling unit with a new, more efficient unit with heat-recovery capabilities.
  • Replace and seal old window glazing
  • Add lighting occupancy controls in offices and storage areas
  • Replace old entry lighting and upgrade outdoor lighting controls
  • Streetlights

  • Retrofit all 160 HPS street lamps with new energy-efficient LED conversion kits
  • Add or repair photocell controls
  • Click here for a list of 2010's Top AEC firms

    APWA Planner
    History made in a historical city
    History's made in a historical city as two of the profession's largest associations convene simultaneously.

    Two trade shows for the price of one!

    American Public Works Association Congress & Exposition online brochure:

    Solid Waste Association of North American's 2010 WASTECON Conference and Exhibition brochure
    Or visit:

    Out of the Ordinary
    Top dogs
    Working canines battle pestilence in public spaces.

    Are you interested in using goose dog services? Here's a list of goose-control companies we found around the country:

    Dog & Whistle Goose Control ? Sacramento, Calif.

    Geese Off! ? Patterson, N.Y.

    Gooseworks ? South Lyon, Mich.

    Geese Police of VA ? Leesburg, Va.

    UPDATE: Last year we reported that the Maryland State Highway Administration had deployed sheep and goats instead of mowers to avoid harming a threatened species of turtle (July 2009, "Zero-emissions turf control," page 40).

    This year, elementary school students helped name the herd of grazing animals, "The Bypass Babies," and gave each individual animal a name, Charlie, Cupcake, Winston, and Simba are just a few of the 40-member herd. Click here for the full list of animals.