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Deciphering LED jargon

Ten trends for 2010

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Traffic control & lighting
Deciphering LED jargon

Five issues to address when considering energy-efficient lighting.

Self-described "lighting geek" Jim Terry was the only kid he knew who was fascinated by lights and, in particular, the art and science of street lighting: jargon like "lumen" and "footcandle," how different lamps cast different colors and how the colors affect visibility, the "light spread" of each type of lamp, how they affect the area they illuminate.

This series of slides presents the accumulated wisdom he's gleaned while pursuing his obsession.

For a more detailed presentation of his cost-benefit analysis of LED vs. high-pressure sodium, see slides 30 through 33. But there's a lot of other helpful information as well.

Cover story
Ten trends for 2010

Our annual list of precedent-setters includes all the smartphones and applications your cost-conscious colleagues are using for innovative in-the-field maintenance solutions.

To see how the iPad Interactive Operations Manual application, developed by Eco:Logic-Stantec works: