Homeowner looking to learn more about the quality of water for their municipality can ask for a copy of their Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The United States Environmental Protection Agency requires these reports for any community water system (serving more than 25 people, 15 homes) to be released by July 1 each year.

While the USEPA's Safe Drinking Water  Act requires testing of water supplies at least once a year, most of these tests are not designed to monitor the quality of water being pumped directly into homes. This water may be contaminated once it leaves the facility, and Water Quality Association (WQA) Deputy Executive Director Pauli Undesser believes the following steps should be taken:

"If your CCR states the water in your community is safe, but it still tastes or smells bad, you might want to do further testing or treatment,” Undesser said. “If your home or business receives water from a private well, you are responsible for testing and treatment of your water as no standards govern the testing of private well water."

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