The Lawton Valley and Station No. 1 water treatment plants received the 2015 National Award of Excellence in the Water and Wastewater category. Both are owned by global engineering firm AECOM.

The 25-year old Station No. 1 facility in Newport produces 7 million gallons of water daily; the Lawton Valley facility in Portsmouth produces 9 million gallons per day. They were upgraded to meet state Health Department drinking water regulations and increase treatment capacity.

Improvements include a new rapid mix, a coagulation chamber, a retrofit of the existing sludge blanket clarifier tanks with a new high-rate dissolved air flotation system, new chemical feed equipment, laboratory improvements, and post-filter absorbers using granular activated carbon that can be used seasonally to reduce regulated total trihalomethanes. The plants use the same processes and chemicals so the city can interchange operators as needed.

“Working as a joint-venture, we found that the key to this project was fostering a good relationship between all parties," says AECOM Vice President David Herer. "That was established by clearly communicating the project schedule to regulatory stakeholders, obtaining early buy-in from the city and state, and ensuring constant feedback was considered during design so proposed solutions matched the proposed cost.”

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