• Trendsetter: Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

    Rapper Jay-Z was honored at the United Nations' Global Leadership Awards Gala for bringing clean water to those in need.

  • Trendsetter: Susan Seacrest

    In 2007, Susan Seacrest invested $500,000 in the Groundwater Foundation, which today has 5,000 members worldwide.

  • Trendsetter: Leonard Phillips

    Leonard Phillips' Online Seminars for Municipal Arborists website is almost eight years old and is still free.

  • Trendsetter: Boston's Big Dig

    The Big Dig is finally complete and the city has kicked off its latest effort to create a "better city."

  • Trendsetter: Chris Finberg

    Chris Finberg developed a process of treating asphalt with a hydrophobic sand mixture to avert water intrusion.

  • Trendsetter: Linda Jones

    During Linda Jones' six years at Smith College, the engineering program earned accreditation and is among the best in the nation.

  • Trendsetter: E-Waste Working Group

    The Congressional E-Waste Working Group educates consumers about e-waste's negative effects.

  • Trendsetter: City of Daphne, Ala.

    The city has worked with Earth Clean Technologies to pilot a biodiesel plant that uses used cooking oil as feedstock to produce highly efficient fuel.

  • Trendsetter: Bill Vanden Brook

    Bill Vanden Brook has guided Wisconsin's capitol city toward adopting more green practices.

  • Trendsetter: MaryAnn Marrocolo Tierney

    MaryAnn Marracolo Tierney is administrator of FEMA's Region 3 office in Philadelphia.

  • Trendsetters: Mothers of invention

    Four readers who have delivered the most bang for the taxpayer’s buck.

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    10 trends for 2010: Nonstop networking

    Smartphone applications and social media share a spot on this year's Trendsetters list.

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    Borrowing Goes Bust

    Fallout from free-wheeling financing hits government coffers with a double whammy. The false promise of easy money earns a berth on our fifth annual Trendsetters list.

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    PUBLIC WORKS Trendsetters

    Our list of Trendsetters includes public works movers and shakers—from public officials to everyday heroes to bad guys. Here you can view current and past Trendsetter articles, access Web exclusive materials and more.

  • PUBLIC WORKS 2007 Trendsetters

    Our annual list of people, places, and events that made their mark on infrastructure. From do-gooders to good-for-nothings here are the 50 Trendsetters that shaped, shocked, or otherwise rocked our world over the past year.

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    The Bridge that Woke the Nation

    It was only 40 years old when it collapsed Aug. 1, but the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minnesota had been deemed “structurally deficient” since 1997. Experts speculate the steel arch truss bridge collapsed because of weather extremes, vulnerable design, and/or metal fatigue. Following the...

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    2006 Trendsetters

    From do-gooders to good-for-nothings, 50 people, places, and events that shaped, shocked, or otherwise rocked our world over the past year.

  • Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

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    All Roohanirad

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    Jack Dangermond


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