Imagine all the signs a 769-square-mile service area would contain. Not surprising that Sioux County, Iowa, Traffic Control Specialist Scott DeKock replaced 600 in one summer.

When the county replaced his 25-year-old Maintainer Corporation of Iowa Inc. truck with a new one, he was allowed to specify options with a one-man operation in mind:

  • A tethered remote-controlled catwalk (his favorite)
  • A 24-foot hydraulic crane with wireless remote control
  • An auger attachment for digging post holes (a pounder unit can also be attached to set the poles)
  • A Miller EnPak unit that powers the crane and catwalk so he doesn't have to run the engine all the time and shuts off after 2 minutes
  • And, of course, the microwave.

“I love this truck,” says DeKock. “They let me design it so I could have whatever I need with me as I travel the county. Now, I might not always have the right sign with me, but that’s not the truck’s fault.”

Watch him at work: