Every advertisement and product writeup in every issue of this magazine includes a reader service number — “Circle 1 (or some other number)” — and a reader service card, labeled “FREE INFORMATION,” is bound into each issue. Even in the age of the Internet, our readers regularly fill out and mail the postage-paid request for more information.

We've tallied the 10 products and services that received the most interest throughout the year, then compared them to our list of the year's 10 coolest tools. In at least five instances the lists overlap (you'll see an “Editors' pick” icon — E — by those items), but where they don't you'll see our favorites under “Editors' picks” on page 53.

And now ... 15 items we all think will make your team more efficient.

E Pesticide-free steam weeder

The GS5000i kills the long rows of weeds emerging from sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. It achieves instant knockdown with no residues and no cleanup afterward. Operators simply pull the supply cart with one hand while shooting weeds with the steam gun in the other hand. GreenSteam Solutions Inc. www.greensteam.com.

E Post driver runs on propane

The Propane Hammer is ideal for driving Uchannel posts, T'Posts, silt fence, and any other kind of sign post, ground rod, or rebar up to 3.5 ft. in diameter into hard, dry, frozen, and rocky ground. It weighs less than 45 lbs., and since it runs on propane, it's completely self-contained for work in remote areas. Users can drive several hundred posts on a single 14-oz. tank. Tippmann Industrial Products Inc. www.propanehammer.com.

No wiring or voltage to worry about

The SPLED-5 solar-powered area light with rechargeable 12-hour battery can be surface-mounted or affixed to a pole or rail. An 8 W solar panel powers the 5 W LED light that automatically dims and brightens based on the unit's integrated motion detector. Larson Electronics. www.magnalight.com.

Online training and certification

Learn to write and inspect stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) and construction sites with 24-hour-accessible Web-based instruction. Classes include Certified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater and Certified Preparer of SWPPP (CPSWPPP). Stormwater USA. www.stormwaterusa.com.

E Sidewalk and step de-icing

Our favorite product from the American Public Works Association's North American Snow Conference in April, the Ossian LS Liquid Sprayer covers 48-in.-wide swaths using a retractable boom or a wand with hose. The quick-change tank holds enough de-icer for 5,000-sq.-ft. of application. Ossian Inc. www.ossian.com.