Crystal City School Super Intendant Imelda Allen was forced to handle a water crisis in her town as all but one top official in her city of 7,500 is facing some kind of criminal charge. The water began to resemble crude oil with the source of the issue being the drainage of the city's elevated tank which caused sediments and deposits that accumulated at the bottom to stream into distribution lines.

Residents were upset that they had not been warned about the testing. While bottled water had been distributed and testing was underway, the all clear had yet to be given to residents.The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality media relations manager Andrea Morrow spoke on when residents could expect this:

“While the most recent samples testing for water pressure, chlorination, and bacteria have come back in the acceptable range, we would like to wait until we have the complete suite of sample results back until we can give the all-clear,” she said. “We may have these as soon as Tuesday. In the meantime, we would still urge residents not to drink discolored water and to boil city water before drinking it.”

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