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In response to “Rescuing our roads,” (September issue, page 22):

We should convey to our congressmen and senators that the gas tax collected from vehicle fuel and aircraft fuel sales was intended to go to the repair and building of our roads and airports. Our government officials are stealing it from the fund, and then giving it back like it's something special.

— Posted by Robert via www.pwmag.com

In response to “Not getting a charge out of batteries?” (October issue, page 21):

I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering almost 36 years ago. If the instructors' tactics haven't changed since then, fleet columnist Paul Abelson could make a living writing their lesson plans.

I have never seen the charge/discharge process for lead acid batteries explained in such a concise manner, let alone the peripheral explanation of how a vehicle charge/starting system works.

As a power utility engineer, I've also sat through many briefings from battery manufacturers and they have never come close to Abelson's coverage.

Thanks for a very informative article. PUBLIC WORKS is usually an area dominated by civil engineers, and I imagine they were enlightened as well.

— Steve Ray, PE (retired), Lebanon, Mo.

In response to “Conspicuous threads,” (October issue, page 25):

Just last week I asked my maintenance coordinator to check into issuing safety vests to all of our technicians. Thanks to your recent article, I now know when I need to implement the program and what I need to supply.

— Bill Vanden Brook, CEM, fleet service superintendent, City of Madison (Wis.)