Following are just some of the classes, software programs, and other tools available to help you give your collection routes a lift:

Collection Route Auditing

This half-day class offered by Rutgers University in Camden, N.J., covers:

  • Determining what data should be collected when assessing a route
  • Analyzing information to ascertain a program's overall efficiency
  • Targeting problem areas
  • Crafting an effective correction plan
  • Identifying technical solutions for improving a route.

Continuing education credits are available. For more program and schedule information, visit

Insight Route Management

The program from Tallahassee, Fla.-based Fleet Logistics is geared toward helping you get the most from collection routes servicing both residential and commercial customers. It can be used to

  • Record, replay, and print route data
  • Conduct route audits
  • Create virtual route zones for analysis
  • Process data to balance routes quickly and efficiently
  • Print route paths for “swing” drivers
  • Look for unbilled services.

For more information, visit

Managing Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems

This three-day course—presented by the Solid Waste Association of North America—includes:

  • Factors to consider when planning a new system, such as routes, anticipated types of waste, equipment, and service types
  • Practices for collecting municipal solid waste, recyclables, yard waste, and bulky items
  • Managing resources such as equipment, personnel, billing systems, and outside contracts
  • Instruction in all areas tested in the organization's certification exam.

Students can receive association certification and continuing education credits. Visit to find out more.

Geoware 4.1

The enterprise-wide software program, from Waterloo, Ontario-based GEOWARE, now includes a Collections module, which helps solid-waste staff monitor and manage route collection activity. It provides a daily account of collection routes, and the materials collected and delivered to your waste facilities, to help you identify where adjustments are needed to help you keep your system running smoothly. Other modules offer data on vehicle tracking, materials transfer, and audit reporting. For more information, visit