Every product writeup in every issue of PUBLIC WORKS includes a reader service number (i.e., “Circle 1”). Bound into each issue are two postcards labeled “FREE INFORMATION.”

Even in the age of the Internet, you regularly circle products' corresponding number on the “reader service card” and mail in these postage-paid requests for more information from the manufacturer.

We publish hundreds of product announcements every year. Most explain how a company's enhanced an existing product, but some represent true innovation. The design is completely new to the market, say; or the product deploys a new material — plastic instead of concrete or metal pipe, for example.

Curious to see which tools you think could enhance operational efficiency, we counted the number of requests for every product that appeared in every issue over the last year. We narrowed the list to the 10 items that got the most “hits,” then added a few new products — the ones with a thumb's up icon — that we think are special.

We never know where we'll find an Editor's Pick. Sometimes at a trade show. Sometimes, as with the storm grate lock, you contact us. (Public works departments are hotbeds of creative problem-solving.) Snow and ice control in particular seem to stimulate your inventiveness.

And now, here they are: 14 items we all think will help your team continue providing stellar service.

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