CINCH systems, Inc. is proud to announce that Government Security News Magazine has released the award winners for their 2015 Homeland Security Awards and the Rampart Vehicle Barrier System Control (VBS) received an award in the category of Best Crash Barrier—Barriers/Gates/Fences.

The Rampart VBS is a high-security control and data logging system for precise vehicle barrier/bollard and door/security gate management. The Rampart utilizes patented End-To-End AES Encryption for secure system communication with a memory capacity to log and store 233 million entry/exit events—delivering reliable, split-second barrier activation and forensic data.

“Vehicle barriers and bollards are used to control vehicle access to the perimeter of a high profile facility. When a barrier/bollard is deployed to prevent entry, it will stop and render a suspect vehicle completely inoperable. The Rampart VBS control system is designed to fit the need for high security in both retrofit and new installations,” says Joel Christianson, CEO, CINCH systems, Inc. “We are extremely proud that the Rampart VBS has earned a Homeland Security Award for 2105,” adds Christianson.

CINCH systems, Inc.

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