Severe-duty plows

The Super-Duty XT line of snow plows comes in three widths—8, 8½, and 9 feet—and offers a ½x8-inch high-performance cutting edge with three times the useful life of conventional cutting edges. Other features include quick-attach capability, advanced hydraulics, baked-on paint finish with zinc primer, dual shock absorbers with four trip-return springs, and a chainless lifting system. The plows are durable, reliable, and offer a high degree of operator visibility. THE BOSS Snow-plow.

Hydraulic hammer attachment

The H65Ds hydraulic hammer is designed for use on compact machines. It delivers an impact frequency of 2000 bpm, leading to high productivity in concrete and asphalt demolition work. The enhanced unit offers an enclosed housing that protects the power cell, eliminates side-plate bolts, and reduces noise. Recoil isolation protects the carrier from damaging reflective force. The attachment works with the company's skidsteers, multi-terrain loaders, and several mini-excavators. Caterpillar Inc.

Compact rotary hammer

The 5363-21 1-inch SDS rotary hammer offers power in a compact, lightweight, versatile design. It measures 13 inches long and weighs 7.9 pounds, and the compact L-shape design positions the operator's hand right behind the bit for ideal balance. The tool delivers 2 foot-pounds of impact energy and 5980 bpm. Choose from three operating modes: rotary hammer, drill only, and chipping. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

Post-hole digger

A post-hole digger for the company's Power Curber 5700-SUPER-B digs holes as deep as 34 inches, ideal for slipform-ing concrete foundations for steel cable in highway medians. The machine enables a pier hole to be dug more quickly than with manual digging methods. The attachment mounts on the machine and is powered with its auger conveyor circuit. After the attachment digs the holes, the curber slipforms the foundation, filling the holes with concrete as it passes over them. Power Curbers.

Dewatering pumps

The 2600 series of dewatering pumps offers models with output ranging from 1.2 to 27 hp. The models provide hydraulic performance from 150 to 1400 gallons per minute, and deliver heads from 40 to 230 feet. The closed impeller design and advanced hydraulics provide a high degree of wear resistance. Each of the pumps is designed to keep running even under the harshest operating conditions, and each is easy to operate and maintain. ITT Flygt Corp.

High-performance TRM

Ten times stronger than a conventional turf reinforcement mat (TRM), Pyramat is designed to provide permanent reinforcement for soil and vegetation on extremely steep slopes, dry landscapes with large-rock riprap, and other demanding applications. The ultraviolet-stabilized polypropylene monofilament yarns and woven homogenous construction make it a durable, versatile product. Propex.