Faced with the challenge of maintaining parcel data for multiple agencies in their region, Pueblo County, Colorado, was in need of a tool that would enhance and streamline their workflow process. With that in mind, the County selected the Parcel Builder? software suite from Sidwell as their parcel maintenance solution. Parcel Builder, developed by Sidwell, runs on ArcGIS® 9.3 software from GIS industry leader ESRI®. The Parcel Builder suite consists of four modules: PB-Administrator?, for tracking and maintenance of land parcel numbers; PB-MapEditor?, a set of tools for the creation and maintenance of GIS data; PB-MapViewer?, a data deployment tool that allows for wide-spread viewing and analysis; and PB-MapPlotter?, for the creation of high-quality hardcopy cadastral maps. Among the factors cited by the County in their selection of Parcel Builder were its ease of use and customizable workflow manager. Also of critical importance in these budget-conscious times: the reasonable price point of the Parcel Builder product.

Pueblo County will also receive from Sidwell: software installation services and multiple days of training on site at the County; as well as consultative services on the development and administration of Pueblo County's Enterprise Geodatabase.

The Sidwell Company is an employee-owned firm providing integrated land records management solutions to local government and private sector entities across the United States. Sidwell solutions include: geographic information systems and cadastral parcel mapping, aerial photography, and Magellan? GPS products and services. For more information about Parcel Builder, or Sidwell's offerings, contact the company at 877.SIDWELL (877.743.9355), or visit their website at www.sidwellco.com.