The city of Elgin, Illinois is nearing a large-scale AssetOptics deployment that will enable the city to automate initiation, reporting and tracking for nearly every activity in the entire Public Works department. In addition the city will use this solution to track and maintain the assets that are owned by the city.

This system will be completely mobilized with workers in the field being able to enter information and initiate new requests form mobile devices. Elgin has also catalogued all of its assets into the system and citizens will be able to check the maintenance history of an asset when the system is completed:

“The Elgin City Council had the foresight to recognize how much more effectively the city could manage its municipal infrastructure through technology, and we are gratified by their faith in our solution,” said AssetOptics Founder Mike Edwards. “Their actions stand as a great example to other cities that a visionary outlook on the part of city officials can play a valuable role in streamlining municipal operations.”

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