FHWA grants to spur innovation

The Federal Highway Administration is seeking creative thinkers in roadway departments to receive grants in its Highways for LIFE Technology Partnerships Program. Its purpose: to accelerate the development of innovative technologies, materials, tools, equipment, procedures, and practices in the design, construction, and financing of highways and bridges. Its goal: to improve roadway quality, reduce congestion, and speed up construction. The application process closes April 15. To view the grant proposal, visit the Federal Business Opportunities Web site at www.fbo.gov. To learn more about the program, visit www.fhwa.dot.gov/hfl.

Magazine salutes clean-water cities

National male-centered publication Men's Health has ranked 100 U.S. cities' drinking water, based on the water's “cleanliness.” Denver came out on top, while Phoenix barely squeaked in at No. 100. The magazine based its ranking on the most recent available data on levels of contaminants like arsenic, lead, halo-acetic acids, and total coliform bacteria. In addition, the listing took into account the number of reported water-system violations from 1995 to 2005. Visit www.menshealth.com for the full list.

Michigan tries (again) to block Canadian trash

Two U.S. Representatives, Democrat John Dingell and Republican Mike Rogers, are looking to limit solid-waste imports from Canada and other countries into their state. A bill proposed by the Congressmen would give Michigan and other states more power to limit the shipment and dumping of municipal solid waste. “The citizens of Michigan must be protected from unwanted shipments of foreign trash,” says Dingell. A similar measure passed the House last year but died after it reached the Senate.