Transportable saw and clamp

The portable APS-438 Air-Powered Saw and Quick-Clamp produces square cuts with no heat affected zone. It mounts on a bracket that glides along the track using four V-grooved steel wheels, and has a 2-in.- wide steel track with two wedge-style clamps for attaching to the plate. It cuts steel plate up to 2-in. thick. Esco Tool.

Safest grinder around

Advanced braking technology helps make the 6-in. WB11-150 Quick Compact Class Angle Grinder one of the safest grinders on the market. A secure “racket” grip and dual-grip zones offers comfortable handling and safety; a tool-less guard adjustment with an “S-Automatic” safety slip clutch helps protect from kickback. Metabo.

No wiring or voltage to worry about

The SPLED-5 solar-powered area light with rechargeable 12-hour run-time battery can be surface-mounted or affixed to a pole or rail. It has an 8 W solar panel to power the 5 W LED light that dims and brightens automatically based on an integrated motion detector. Larson Electronics.

Powerful pivoting nozzle

The Hyde Pivot Nozzle Wand turns any pressure washer into an easier, more versatile cleaning machine. The pivoting nozzle allows you to wash high, low, and hard-to-reach areas without having to contort your body into dangerous positions. Hyde Tools.

Portable dewatering pump

The DC Submersible Dewatering Pump's watertight o-ring seals keep internal parts completely dry. Delivering up to 43 gal./ minute for rapid dewatering and instant prime, it operates on any 12 V truck or automobile battery; the 30-amp draw allows for an hour of operation without starting the engine. Allegro Industries.

Cleaner, safer water fun

Splash pads are safer, cleaner, and more affordable than the traditional swimming pool. They consist of water fountains that shoot from the ground and a thermoplastic safety surface that prevents injury. Flexible Floor Systems.

LED road-sign illumination

Designed to easily replace mercury vapor and metal halide fixtures, StreetSENSE RS Series retrofit cover assembly kit adapts to most conventional fixture boxes. 70 W and 100 W fixtures are available in cool white and neutral white. Dialight.