The water crisis in Flint, Mich. has brought the fears of the nation in terms of water contamination to the light. A new Associated Press-Gfk poll shows that under half of Americans say they're very confident that their drinking water is safe while another third are moderately confident.

In terms of demographics, whites (54%) are more likely to be very confident than blacks (40%) and Hispanics (28%); while 6 in 10 families making $100,000 or more are likely to be very confident while only 4 in 10 making $50,000 or less are very confident. When the same questions were asked about consumption, the trends persisted:

About 4 in 10 whites, but less than 2 in 10 African-Americans or Hispanics, say they drink straight tap water at home. Just over half of blacks and 4 in 10 Hispanics drink bottled water at home, compared to only a quarter of whites.

Just four in 10 whites, but 6 in 10 non-whites say concerns about contamination are a major factor in their decision to drink bottled or filtered water.

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