Stylish hard hat combines impact-resistance with wide-brim design.

Ergodyne has announced today the launch of their newest product within the Skullerz Head Protection Line - the Skullerz 8955 Ranger Bump Cap. Solving for two top risk categories, the new Skullerz 8955 combines a rugged, impact-resistant ABS shell - delivering protection from cranial bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts - with a stylish wide-brim ranger hat for shade and protection from the sun and elements.

The 8955 is tested and compliant to EN 812: 2012 with a patented flanged shell design that expands or contracts to fit the worker's head in a comfortable and secure manner. Protection from the sun and elements is vital while working in extreme conditions.

Ideal for outdoor workers facing overhead hazards, the Skullerz 8955 Ranger Bump Cap is available now at all authorized US Ergodyne distributors.


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