These SRLs extend and retract automatically during typical use so they won’t get in the way of the job ensuring maximum productivity and safety at the same time. Its brake mechanism activates immediately in the event of a fall, reducing fall distance and impact to the body.

SRL features include:

Baseline SRLs:
· Affordable: Baseline SRLs offer the same safety features as the other lines but at a more affordable cost.
· Meets Safety Standards: Baseline meets Class B safety standard performance testing.
· Easy to Transport: Baseline SRLs are compact and lightweight, making transport to and from the jobsite easy and efficient.

Max Patrol SRLs:
· Freedom of Movement: Max Patrol maximizes the user’s freedom of movement with improved line-lock performance.

· High Weight Capacity: The Max Patrol Web SRL features 400 lb. rated capacity, ensuring safety for every user.
· Easy to Inspect: Max Patrol also includes WebAlert inspectable webbing, allowing easy inspection to ensure the system is in the best working condition.
· Durable: Includes durable impact-resistant housing to protect internal mechanisms against device damage in a fall or drop.

AutoCoil2 SRLs:
· Breadth of Line: The AutoCoil2 products offer the broadest range of web and cable models in the Werner fall protection SRL offering.
· Freedom of Movement: AutoCoil2 SRLs provide safe and reliable protection while allowing for freedom of movement around the jobsite.
· Increased Braking: AutoCoil2 features a robust internal braking mechanism, ensuring the safety of the end user.
· Inspection: AutoCoil2 also includes a web impact indicator.

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