Safety & Workers' Compensation

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    Keep Tabs From the Cab

  • OSHA singles out sewers

    A new rule addresses manholes and lift stations, as well as road excavations, drilled shafts in bridges, and water tunnels in dams.

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    Breaking down the barriers

    Three Southeastern communities morph street centerline projects into interdepartmental and, in some cases, intergovernmental asset management programs.

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    Clamp down on fastener failures

    Counterfeits notwithstanding, fasteners fail from misuse, improper storage, or reuse.

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    Fashionably Safe

    The International Safety Equipment Association and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have developed a new standard regarding the sartorial requirements placed on safety responders.

  • Samples used to fight crime

    When residents are doing something they shouldn't—namely, illicit substances like crystal methamphetamine and cocaine—your influent shows it.

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    Clear Vision

    Visibility is vital to safe driving. About 90% of the input we use to make driving decisions comes through our eyes. If vision is diminished, so is advance warning of potentially dangerous situations.

  • Show-Me State highlights work-zone safety

    The Missouri DOT(MoDOT) added a splash of color to numerous state landmarks in an effort to remind motorists to use caution in highway work zones.

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    Feds boost safety apparel rules

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    Traffic safety and control equipment

    The latest in traffic control and safety equipment.

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    Tips and trends in work truck safety

    Truck safety is a matter of life and death. That's why equipment inspections and safety training should be regular tasks in the routine of every well-run public works fleet.

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    Bringing on new plant

    Ask anyone who's created a new water treatment plant or revamped an existing one, and you'll likely hear about the complexities. What the Earth Tech team has learned about designing in quality for this new operation may help your city succeed.

  • Work zone fatalities take spotlight

    Transportation officials from across the country gathered in the nation's capital in April to increase awareness of the growing number of work zone accidents and fatalities each year.

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    Trucks help keep soldiers safe

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    Work-zone safety applauded


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