The N95 disposable respirator features a flame-retardant outer layer that provides crucial protection for welding operators in environments where sparks and spatter could possibly come in contact with the mask. The filter media offers 95 percent filtration of airborne particles, such as hexavalent chromium, zinc oxide, manganese, aluminum and other fumes found in welding applications.

The respirator also features a large, non-return exhaust valve to reduce heat build-up and user fatigue. Several features enhance the fit and comfort, including fully adjustable double head straps, a preformed nose area with adjustable nose clips and a full inside foam seal.

The popular LPR-100 half mask respirator is a low profile reusable respirator that fits comfortably underneath a welding helmet without obstructing the user’s field of vision and is made even better through recent upgrades. The half mask now includes a wrap-around spark guard that protects filters from spatter and other debris; combination P100/Nuisance Level OV Relief filters; and a medium/large size, in addition to the small/medium size already offered.

The pleated filter design on the LPR-100 half mask respirator provides additional surface area for maximum efficiency and filter life, with exclusive filter media that maintains efficiency in both humid and non-humid environments. The mask’s ergonomic design minimizes dead air space to keep the operator comfortable and cool, and the large non-return exhaust valve eases breathing and reduces user fatigue. P100 filters provide 99.97 percent filtration of airborne particles, oil aerosols, metal fumes and mists such as hexavalent chromium, zinc oxide, manganese and aluminum.

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