As the editor of Public Works, I’d like to remind those of you not directly involved in water, sewer, and/or stormwater that you, too, are health care workers.

Every single thing you do furthers the well-being of the complex organisms that are cities, counties, special districts, townships, and states.

I realize this truism anew as I leaf through the recently published 2015 Public Works Manual.

If only people knew how complicated, how technically and technologically sophisticated sweeping a street, timing a traffic light, installing a new stop sign, specifying a streetlight, routing a garbage truck, filling a pothole – and the hundreds of other services the typical public works department provides – are. All keep our communities safe in some way, so that makes anyone involved in providing them a health care worker.

It’s unfortunate that so few people realize this, but I guess that’s the “price” of being a First World public servant.

Anyway, I hope you’ll leaf through our annual buyers’ guide. Even if you’re not in the market right now for a particular product, process, or service, each category begins with the article on that topic that was most popular with Public Works readers.

Be proud of the work that you and your team do. And have a safe summer.