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First response
Why you should consider applying incident command methods to winter operations.

Beginning mid-December, 2009, the Eau Claire (Wis.) Public Works Department will post their NIMS-compliant incident-command procedures and guidelines to the department's snow and ice control Web page.

Click here to access Homeland Security Presidential Directive #5, Management of Domestic Incidents, (HSPD-5)

Fleet management
Hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles

Improve productivity by greening your fleet

Funding, financing, user fees
Influential intermediaries
How bringing in specialists helped New Orleans afford to rebuild.

Applying for and managing reimbursements through the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Public Assistance Program - or any federal grant or loan program, for that matter - is an area of expertise that infrastructure managers have little time to develop during a catastrophe.So in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Public Works Director Robert Mendoza outsourced the task of acquiring funds so he could concentrate on opening the city's streets, sidewalks, and trolley systems. As recovery continues, Disaster Recovery Consultants has worked with Mendoza to develop a strategy for accessing funds through other federal agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration and Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This spreadsheet represents the first group of enhancement projects that the New Orleans Department of Public Works is undertaking with stimulus funding.