Kaplan University recently launched the College of Public Service, and is offering an awards program to celebrate.

The new college brings together the university’s existing schools — Graduate Education, Arts & Sciences, and Public Safety — under one roof, encompassing a variety of disciplines with the common thread being public service. Forty degree and certification programs are offered, including public administration and emergency management.

To commemorate the new college, Kaplan University Empowerment Awards for Public Service Teams recognizes and honors teams nationwide involved in delivering public services, whether they are in the government or nonprofit sector. Award categories align with the college’s degree programs and include public administration, homeland security, public education, and fire and emergency management.

Anybody can nominate a team. Nominations require a one-page summary of how the team demonstrates empowerment and teamwork in the public-service sector, and must be submitted via email by Oct. 25 at center-public-service.kaplanu.edu. Winning teams will receive $1,000, with a maximum of 10 team members receiving a complimentary credit course offered through the College of Public Service. To learn more, go to empowerment-awards.kaplanu.edu.

Kaplan, headquartered in Chicago, has more than a dozen campuses and learning centers nationwide and serves more than 50,000 online and campus-based students. For more information on the new College of Public Service, visit center-public-service.kaplanu.edu.