The Portland Cement Association awarded six 2009 Sustainable Leadership Awards to public-sector professionals and entities committed to environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The winners enacted policies to create projects that exemplify creativity and best practices for the use of concrete and other cement-based products.

This year's winners include:

Wayne Kennedy, director of development and engineering, Coweta County Development and Engineering Department, Newnan, Ga. Kennedy initiated the reconstruction of a deteriorating roadway system through full-depth reclamation with cement. The process recycles existing road materials to create a new sustainable pavement. It saved the county thousands of dollars, avoided road closures, and improved the road's safety.

James McGraw III, chairman, Fairfield County Transportation Committee, Rion, S.C. The committee, led by McGraw, implemented a road reclamation solution that wisely used citizens' funds and enhances their lives. It included repaving dirt roads by using a soil stabilization process that mixes the gravel from the road with a high-speed reclaimer that adds cement and water. The base layer was surfaced with a bitumous triple treatment instead of costly liquid asphalt.

Board of Commissioners of Queen Anne's County, Centreville, Md. The Board chose pervious concrete to address stormwater runoff in the restoration of the Whitemarsh Park at the Bloomfield Farm.

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