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If you've read Public Works for awhile, you know we're the only entity that analyzes CEO-level city, county, special district, township, and state infrastructure manager compensation. By "CEO-level," we mean employees ultimately responsible for planning, budgeting, funding, delivery, and/or maintaining assets and services who answer to a city council or other oversight body.

We hate to increase the volume of e-mails, notifications, bleeps, buzzes, and calls you wade through every day. Alas, we must: You're the only one who can provide the data we use to produce our annual salary and benefits survey.

Having said that, I have the temerity to throw another survey at you.

Here's why: We recently published a series of articles on automated/connected vehicle technology. Numerous companies have asked me to deliver the message that there's not a moment to waste in preparing for our futuristic future. Attending "Smart City" and "Internet of Things (IoT)" conferences, though, convinces me it's going to take a loooooong time to get there.

First, you wouldn't believe how many groups -- ISO/IEC JTC1, IEC, IEEE, ITU, etc. -- are developing an IoT architecture framework. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is leading the charge to craft something everyone can agree on, but that's like rounding up cats. Second, sensor and software developers have no idea how the average municipality oversees infrastructure. Third, the average public works professional has many other, more-pressing concerns on his/her plate.

But maybe I'm wrong. So I asked article author Diana Granitto to develop a quick survey to test my hypothesis. Here it is if you'd like to prove me right -- or wrong. It's anonymous AND you can see how other folks weighed in.