University of Rhode Island graduate Frank Marinaccio says the school exposed students to all types of engineering disciplines and professional organizations, but public works wasn’t on the career radar. It wasn’t until he landed a transportation engineer internship with Newport that he learned about the profession.

In addition to introducing engineering students to public works, internships provide important benefits to employers:

  • Flexibility: Internships can be offered during the summer, over winter break, or during a semester for whatever length of time works for both parties.
  • Economical labor: The pay rate tends to be lower; scholarships and other subsidies may be available through APWA chapters, professional and trade associations, local youth groups, government funding, and the schools themselves.
  • Lower employee recruitment costs: A good intern is a prospect for a permanent position. An intern who provides an extra pair of hands when the budget’s tight may help in the transition when an employee retires.