While the content provided in the presentation may be technical in nature, the forum, presented by Concrete Surfaces and Concrete Construction, is an industry networking event focusing on idea exchange. The presentations are designed to provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss concerns on current topics affecting the concrete flatwork industry.

Industry experts will provide presentations on three topics:

  • An update on codes and regulations to which facility owners must comply to ensure safe access for their customers, review on what owners expect from a finished floor with regard to contracts, and a brief discussion of common litigation issues that occur between owners and contractors.
  • Performance standards facility owners are adopting to ensure safe access and an update on current OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, and Underwriter Laboratory Guidelines.
  • How contractors can protect their work from litigation with respect to slip accidents on recently installed floor surfaces and an update on industry specific testing products developed by manufacturers that provide verification that the surface of the floor meets prescribed slippage requirements.

Register for World of Concrete 2015 and reserve your seat for the [TUCPL] Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum before 12/15 for a discounted rate of $75, or $65 with the purchase of a Super Pass.

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Watch David Padgett, President of Concrete Polishing Solutions, present "Friends Don't Let Friends Bid Blind" at 2014 World of Concrete Polishing Luncheon.

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